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TOPIC: Skill List

Skill List 5 years, 9 months ago #265

  • stark
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The updated skill system has changed the specific skills to a more broader categorized skill set. This allows for individual sub skills to be learned or trained in RP. In the absence of a sub skill the base skill category are rolled. However keep in mind that more complex or specific rolls require the sub skill to be trained otherwise the attempt is not possible.

On character creation all skills are capped at 60% and cannot begin over that percentage. Raising these main skills caps at 75% and cannot be raised over that percentage. This represents the ambiguous nature of the main skill if a player wants to specialize in this skill tree they must first train these sub skills.

Sub skills are not created by adding two attributes together but obtained through training and rp. Players may teach each other the sub skills they have learned although the person must have the teaching sub skill to train a player.

Skills can be trained in increments daily up to the users skill level who is doing the training. The character doing the training rolls their teaching skill if they fail the roll, nothing is learned that day. If the roll succeeds the player who is learning the skill rolls their intelligence, if they pass the roll they increase the skill being learned by 5%, if they critically succeed they increase the skill being learned by 10%. This process is continued until the sub skill is trained up to the teachers level.

Training is not the only way to achieve skills, you may purchase skills from software installed in your neural nets or achieve them through RP and events.

Purchasing skills have a cost of 5%x100 in prestige and credits. If a player is training a skill from another player the one teaching may choose to charge them in credits or not. Whether the teacher charges the player or not they still must pay the cost in prestige.




--First Aid






--Lock Picking
--Pick Pocket


--Acrobatics (+.5 meters for every 10% of this skill)
--Unarmed Combat

--Martial Arts
--Small Arms
--Ranged Weapons
--Long Ranged Weapons
--Heavy Weapons
--Energy Weapons


--Weapon Smith
--Jury Rig


--Zero Gravity
--Space Travel
--Remote Drone
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