About VASC

Formed in 2461 VASC was originally known as Vander corp, named after Van der Waals force in relation to the force between molecules. It stands as a testimony to the companies modest beginnings as a technology company.

Originally imagined to be a terraforming company on mars, Vander Corp found out very quickly its dreams as a successful terraforming company was not possible with the D'naa attacks, warring corporations and constant threat of danger on the unstable power play throughout Martian politics.

After a successful raid from the D'naa 80% of all Vander Corp outposts were eliminated leaving the corporation with no other place to turn than the Martian Security Division. Turning away from their humble scientific origins the company began creating weapons for the Martian companies struggling for control.

The constant state of war the planet is in was the perfect opportunity to field test new weapons and technologies. With the funding from multi-billion dollar operations Vander Corp was able to evolve and rejuvenate their losses. They merged with the special security division of MSD and soon found themselves as a leading company in weapons and Aerospace. Renaming themselves to Vander Air & Space Company they spent the next 20 years growing in terms of training and weapon developments.