▲ Dinara ▲

Clan: Red Wind
Caste: Marauder
Title: sik'ls
DOB: 10 / 13 / 2456
Gender: ♀

------ Attributes ------------------------
(You can have 2 high, 2 med and 2 low)**
> Intelligence = Med (20).
> Perception = Med (20).
> Endurance = High (40).
> Agility = High (40).
> Strength = Low (10).
> Charisma = Low (10).

------ Skills ----------------------------------
(Low, Med, High)+10/20/40%)
> Security = 50%
> Medical = 60%
> Piloting = 60%
> Sneak = 80%
> Science = 40%
> Mining = 50%
> Interrogation = 20%
> Charm = 50%
> Barter = 30%
> Hack = 40%
> Investigation = 40%
> Repair = 60%

------ Secondary -------------------------
Luck: 6
Willpower: 3
Prestige: -250
Salvage: 0
Honor: 0

------ Tertiary -------------------------
Know languages: D'naa, English
Positive Status Effects:
Negative Status Effects:
Allergies: (see backgrounds)
Blood Type: O

------ Achievements -------------
(rewarded in game)

------ Trophies --------------
(Taken off fallen enemies)

------ Perks -----------------------
d'naa blood

------ Reputation -----------------
Martian Fauna 10%
VASC -10%
Nomad 10%

----- Augmentations ------------
(purchased in game)

------ Backgrounds -------------
(chosen from the background list)

----- Equipment -----------------
(purchased in game)

------ History --------------------
Dinara was not always a leader, she was forced into the role by circumstances. She was born into the Marauder caste at a young age and when she journeyed forth to her right of passage she ventured to the holy mountain Olympus Mons. She was born an only child but had several close friends her whole life that was like family, she was often found as the runt of the litter and usually was the voice of reason as her curious friends took the lead roles. She was always the one bailing them out. So when she was at the foot of the largest mountain in the world she was faced with the prospect of having to do something in her life alone. It took her a month of climbing to reach the top, finding shelter in her tent and it was at the top she viewed the vast expanse of the valley inside and this is where she found her voice. The song came to her in a dream and in her dream she saw a series of steps leading into the mountain, at the end was a light which was where her people waited for her and trailing behind in the haze of a dust storm her clan followed her lead, barely able to move forward but only able to make out the outlines of her foot prints. The closer she approached the light the louder the singing got and when she entered it she knew she had made it home, alive or dead it did not matter in that moment and the song they sang was her voice.
Her right of passage took her two years to complete and during that time she already made a name for herself moving from keep to keep. Her vision was well known and the story of her journey to the sacred mountain was received with awe and reverence all except for her cousin Kewa who always viewed her with an air of suspicion and doubt. Whether it was part jealousy or part resentment for her childhood friend suddenly stepping out from the shadows and taking the lead by demonstrating a rarity in spirit and strength seen that she took to spreading doubt among the clan. Dinara knew of the slander that was circulating the the doubtful looks from the elders but paid it little mind. She understood that such a feat was not easily accepted but she also knew to openly accuse her of lying about her journey was also a challenge that Kewa was not ready for. So they journeyed together across the northern hemisphere trying to connect to their season keep under the leadership of Kopan who was known for his ingenuity and rogue nature. When they arrived they set up their knew home and under the leadership of Kopan they raided corporate locations one after another. They became the scourge of the Borealis region and raided colonies, mining facilities, corporate strong holds and science outposts. For years they successfully brought any corporate advancements north to a stand still. During this time his honor and prestige among the clan grew.
That evening Dinara had a dream of a white fox who lead their clan to destruction by obtaining a weapon that destroyed them all. She awoke unsettled and fearing for the safety of her kinsmen. It wasn't until six months had past before her vision became a reality. Kopan had secured a nuclear weapon through the help of back sliding deals with a rogue company known as AGIS and planned to use it against a small science outpost that housed SOG. She knew it would lead her people to destruction but rather then listen to her reasoning Kopan turned on her and prepared to strike her down. To her surprise Kewa stepped between them and received a near fatal blow protecting her old friend. When this happened a rage filled Dinara such as she never possessed and she attacked Kopan in a furry of battle. His strength was superior and experiance unmatched however her speed and will drove her to bury his own tomahawk into his face. He staggered back barely able to accept the events that fate bestowed him, staring at her with his one good eye the last thing she remembered seeing in the depth of it was a cold stare of rage and disbelief. He died on the spot and she was forced into a role she never wanted, she simply wanted to stop him from his destructive path but by the laws of their people she had to assume the role of leader. She didn't hesitate to lead her people out of the keep and set out aimlessly away trying to put as much distance between her and the weapon as quickly as possible. The following evening SOG operatives infiltrated the keep and detonated the device and destroying the clansmen who refused to follow her.
She followed her way west always stopping for shelter and caring every day for Kewa whom admitted she had grown jealous of her fame. Dinara would not allow her to feel shame because it was she who saved her life when she needed it most. Together they were able to find an abandoned Emabba corp mine and set up home. It had a thermal vent and everything needed to set up a keep. There wasn't many of them left  and they were much closer to the enemy then they had been before but she was committed to protecting her people and claiming this spot which was their new home. She remained their leader and cherished the friendship she found with Kewa who in her own way found her own voice the night she saved her friend and cousin.
  • 永 Caste Record:


  • 永 Keep Location:

    Eastern Keep

  • 魔 Parents Clans:

    Mother Red Wind
    Father Tower House