Harper 'Zero' Trager

║║▌█ Harper 'Zero' Trager ▌█║║
Rank: N3 Ensign
Faction: Vander Air & Space Corp/TRITON
Division: Engineering
DOB: 20Mar2456
Race: Zero Line Fabricant, first of her line
Gender: Female
Serial: VAFF56-5218

------ Attributes ------------------------ *
Intelligence: 30
Perception: 30
Endurance: 20
Agility: 25
Strength: 10
Charisma: 20

------ Skills ------------------------------- **
-Survival: 20
-First Aid: 10
-Chemistry: 20
-Forensic: 10
-Sneaking: 20
-Martial Arts: 10
-Acrobatics: 75
-Demolitions: 40
-Repair: 51(Expert)
-Jury Rig:20

------ Secondary -------------------------
Initiative: 60
Luck: 4
Willpower: 4
Credits: 2100c
Prestige: 50
Recovery: 1d10 points a day (up to 5 times)
Health: 55 (damage that exceeds x30 is deadly)
Mental: 55 (damage that exceeds x20 is deadly)
Dodge: 60

------ Backgrounds -------------
Expert: +25 to specialty skill
Concentration: -5 to difficulty modifiers to your highest skill checks
Hidden Secret
Pirate: -20 to faction standing

----- Equipment -----------------
Neural Interface
Enhanced Reflexes
Retinal Prosthesis
Environmental detail enhancer
Military Grade Combat Chassis(debt)
Singularity Systems CPU6 Program slot(npack debt)

Monofilament Sword / 2 / 12-20 / 20-28 / 3  (bypasses armor)
Thermoptics Armor/ 4 / 2 / 20 / (Thermoptics Perk, reduces tech carried by 1)

------ Reputation -----------------

+20 VASC
+35 AGIS
+5 SOG
+5 Nomad

-5 Ares 
-25 D'naa
-20 AEON


Military Combat Status +4

Thermoptics: once every 3 turns you may use thermoptics to cloak yourself, when cloaked you cannot be seen and your action is considered a surprise attack. If you are seen cloaked or fire cloaked you receive a -30 to hit. You uncloak when you reload your weapon
Degeneration Field: Enemies who come within 4 meters of the unit are enveloped in a degenerative energy field inflicting 1-6 per turn up to 3 turns. 25 critical from all sources. Explodes with an energy burst of 2D10 damage
Triple Strike: May hit 3 times 10 to hit or 1D10 damage. 2 turn cooldown
Point Blank Specialist: Confers 30% critical chance against adjacent targets. The bonus declines with distance from the target.
Backstab: Receive an additional 50% critical hit when attacking an enemy from behind
Hyper Wave: Emit en energy wave that travels through walls and cover to hit an enemy for 1-4 damage and causing them to spend an action to recover. May cause energy burst. Range is full sprint distance

------ Dossier --------------------
born to a military family, Harper started out life as any normal military brat, traveling around as her Intel parents were needed. but she had a wild streak that didn't seem to adjust well to their rigid lifestyle. early on she showed her talent with anything mechanical, able to take apart and put back together most any engine. but she also seemed to have a taste for destruction that boded ill for any moment she got bored.

arrested for the first time at 16 for accidentally blowing up a shuttle, she made her first contacts in the underworld. her parents disowned her shortly after that and she joined the underground to retaliate, calling herself Zero. for 10 years she was semi freelance, picking up contracts and leaving destruction in her wake, looking out for herself and no one else.
that all came to a halt when she was finally captured by IPS. she spent 8 months in lock down before VASC came looking for her. she sold her soul to the devil for freedom, restricted freedom. she comes to Mars, working for the Corp instead of against it in return for years off her sentence
*note: her record has not been expunged but it is highly classified. only top level officers would be fully aware of who she is and her criminal past. for nearly everyone else she's just the newest engineer with demolitions experience.
after her original contract expired, she returned to InSilico City where she rapidly established herself with the Ghost Dragon Syndicate. Her stay there didn't last long but she left behind destruction and death, including mostly confirmed rumours of assassinating Gemini member Richard Law(e)son. Returning to Mars, the only place she really felt at home anymore, she wandered the planet for a time, meeting new people who were like minded. She discovered she was a fabricant, part of a small line that includes only 2 others that she knows of. Finally returning to VASC, she has a new agenda and a renewed contract, taking over the Engineering Division once more.

  • 永 Service Record:

    Vander Air & Space Corporation 魂

  • 永 Civilian Records:

    Martian Citizen on file

  • 魔 Criminal Record:
    Ghost Dragon