▲ Hashke' ▲*

Clan: Red Wind
Caste: Lore Keeper
Title:  Doba
DOB: 8 / 22 / 2450
Gender: Male

------ Attributes ------------------------
(You can have 2 high, 2 med and 2 low)**
> Intelligence = Med (20).
> Perception = High (40).
> Endurance = Low (10).
> Agility = High (40).
> Strength = Med (20).
> Charisma = Low (10).

------ Skills ----------------------------------
(Low, Med, High)+10/20/40%)
> Security = 30%
> Medical = 60%
> Piloting = 50%
> Sneak = 50%
> Science = 60%
> Mining = 30%
> Interrogation = 30%
> Charm = 50%
> Barter = 30%
> Hack = 60%
> Investigation = 60%
> Repair = 60%

------ Secondary -------------------------
Luck: 3
Willpower: 5
Prestige: -225
Salvage: 0
Honor: 25%

------ Tertiary -------------------------
Know languages: D'naa
Positive Status Effects:
Negative Status Effects:
Allergies: (see backgrounds)
Blood Type: AB+

------ Achievements -------------
(rewarded in game)

------ Trophies --------------
(Taken off fallen enemies)

------ Perks -----------------------
d'naa blood

------ Reputation -----------------
Martian Fauna 10%
VASC -10%
Nomad 10%

----- Augmentations ------------
(purchased in game)

------ Backgrounds -------------
War Hero
Phobia Water

----- Equipment -----------------
(purchased in game)

------ History --------------------***
Hashke was born to the Red Wind clan and spent most his time in the southern hemisphere as an acolyte among the feather people. His mother was a warrior maiden who was born to the northern hot winds. He studied under the priests and went on his right of passage at the age of 17. He spent the next eighteen months on a pilgrimage between keeps along the equator and assisted in many clan raids. During one such raid his unit was wiped out and he was forced to hide under the sand while the wind burred him in dunes. During this time the enemy corporation advanced over him and set up camp allowing him access inside their defensive perimeter. During the night he entered the commanders compound and beheaded him earning him prestige among his clan.
His brother Nawish was a large part of his life, they spent their time competing for their fathers affection at a young age and due to their single year difference in age they would often be found fighting over similar interests. So when Hashke joined the priesthood so did Nawish, they entered their right of passage around the same time and while Hashke returned as a hero, Nawish was not heard from again. Some say he had disappeared into the desert to return to the great spirit, he never believed it. Hashke always felt in his heart that his brother was still alive and so he set out on a pilgrimage to find him.
The feather people were upset to see him go but they also knew he was born to the red wind clan and had to eventually leave. So they offered him gifts and waited till the season of solar storms had settled before he began the trek north. During his journey through Ares valley he came across a dust devil that touched him and turned him in its center leaving him facing north east to which he changed his course, understanding it to be the will of the planet. So he ventured that direction, moving from keep to keep searching until he came across the red wind clan of his mother.
The Woman of the red wind clan were all warriors as his mother was. And the training came from his mom, the priesthood was from his father so when he arrived they were surprised to find a seasoned warrior among a lore keeper and ready to be added to their clan. He often questioned about his brother but they never heard his name this far north near Deuteronilus Mensae. The keep was actively raiding corporate compound after compound and it wasn't until the current leader made a deal with the AGIS corp to receive a weapon of mass destruction things began to fall apart.
When Dinara challenged leadership of the clan and killed the leader by sinking her tomahawk into his skull they ended up fleeing the keep. It wasn't long after that the VASC SOG units detonated the bomb underground and erased their clan history in a single swoop.
Taking what was left of the clan north Dinara found an abandoned Enabba corp mine and made home there. When Haske arrived he began helping convert it slowly into a Keep and awaits the arrival of the rest of the clansmen. He never forgot about his brother and waits for the day to continue is quest to find him.
  • 永 Caste Record:

    Lore keeper

  • 永 Keep Location:

    Borealis East
    Southern Keeps

  • 魔 Parents Clans:

    Father - Feather People
    Mother - Red Wind