Mars Starter Guide

Mars role play and how to get started

( Disclaimer - Mars is a combat enabled area, before considering rp'ing on Mars ensure you are first ok with being attacked at anytime within the sim and understand that the scene is not only dangerous in and out of RP but that the combative elements are in theme with the overall nature of the RP setting. By continuing to rp for a prolonged amount of time on Mars you are agreeing you have read and understood this disclaimer.)

Welcome to Mars, you are probably looking around wondering how to get into rp and the best place to start. To help you begin we put together this guide on the best way to do so. For starters you might want to consider a role such as: trader, mercenary, medic, pilot, nomad, corporate employee, citizen, soldier, scientist, engineer or miner. These are just a few examples of some general archetypes that can be found on Mars.

Mars is composed of 4 sims and while every one of them is worth visiting some of them are rather hostile, so bare in mind that while exploring is encouraged it is not always safe. South Insilico is a good place to start, not only does it contain the info hub and terminals that can get you started its also the civilian colonies which allows for quick introductions and smooth transition in rp. The bar, coffin hotel, theater, space port and civilian rentals make it the ideal place to start. whether you traveled across the solar system from earth or you simply are from another Mars colony it is ideal for beginners to start here.

First off Mars uses the K9 Meter (or at this phase the Vega Combat System). which can be purchased here or the terminals with the blue K9 for 50L. Once wearing the meter the two main things to note about its use is the in character (IC) and out of character (OOC) functions of it. When you are IC you flag yourself ready to rp and this allows players to interact with you. When you are OOC you are considered metered down and are unavailable for RP. While IC you are capable of being attacked and sustaining damage, when your meter reaches 0% you are defeated and knocked out. Do not worry it happens to everyone on Mars at some point or another, just keep in mind that the ultimate fate of your character remains in your hands, no one can maim, injure or kill your character without your consent, so feel free to discuss the conditions and limitations you have with any other role player on Mars.

Finding role play on mars with the exception of D'naa group is simple, players are free to approach anyone for RP. One of the best tools you can use to coordinate RP is the Insilico Mars Chat. The terminal located here or at the info hub will allow you to join the IS Mars group and you will receive updates, notices for future rp. If you have a question or just want to share that you are available for RP, feel free to use the group chat. By joining this group you are agreeing not to abuse this chat but using it for excessive spam, OOC banter or generally anything that will disrupt the harmony of RP for players. If you do so don't be surprised if you are removed from the group.

Keeping track of your character sheet on Mars is a bit progressive and takes a bit of setting up. First off you can find a blank character sheet here which you can copy and paste to a notecard. Do not be alarmed it might seem a bit overwhelming at first but bare with us as we help walk you through the character creation process. Consider what you want your character to be and decide on a name for them. Keep in mind questions such as what does your character do? where do they come from? what do they want out of life? what is their agenda and how do they make a living? Are they educated? Do they know other languages or military training? Questions like these help flesh out your character from a standard run of the mill one to one you would like to see grow and progress over time.

Firstly try using the terminal located here. Remember to have the IS Mars group activated before using the terminal. Choose CharSheet from the drop down menu for a link to cut and paste the character sheet into a note card if you have not already done so. Next choose Stats.

This will walk your through choosing your characters attributes level based on what kind of character you would like to play, consider their strengths and weaknesses, no new player can start off amazing at everything so prioritize what you want them to be incredible at and not so good at. Are they fast and intelligent or strong and charismatic? the choice is yours. Once you are done your characters skills will be automatically generated based on the choices you made. Cut and paste the appropriate information into your character sheet and you are ready to move on.

A note concerning skills, skills are not used to help determine whether you succeed or fail at a given task they are simply there to determine how much prestige you receive for role play you do. Prestige is like experience and used to purchase your next rank and is a direct reflection of how much RP you have invested on Mars. While we do not roll skills to determine whether you succeed or fail at RP, you are certainly allowed to do so if you see fit. The K9 meter has a dice roller built into it and you may roll a dice at anytime if you want to skill check yourself. How dice rolls work is you want to roll under your skill %. If you need a staff member to explain this in more detail or assist make sure to contact one via terminal which can be found here.

Next You will want to fill out as much of the character sheet as you possibly can as well as consider any additional backgrounds for them. The Dossier section is where you put your characters personal history. Feel free to use the available Mars faction for references in your background history. Try to avoid RP cliche's such as you woke up with no memory or I am a secret experiment super soldier, by avoiding such cop out characters you can pave the way to personal growth and progressive development.

Lastly discuss with a staff member what faction you want to work for (if any) and determine what division and rank you will be given. Once these are determined you may submit your character sheet and they will put your character on the web site. All information and changes to your character can be viewed online and tracked at its location.

That's it you are ready to begin role playing on Mars, you might want to catch up on the Mars Lore and information just to get well acquainted with the RP and also remember a few things.

When outside of a facility remember to use a pressure suit, while we go over this in more detail in "About Mars Roleplay," just bare in mind that part of the fun is putting together an exceptional pressure suit for yourself, if you need help do not hesitate to ask the vets or staff members who can help you out.

Combat is a given on mars. Remember pilots really fly, hackers really hack, miners really mine and soldiers really shoot. You will have to get use to the more hands on approach that Mars has for RP and if you want to protect yourself find a collision based weapon or purchase one IC with your character credits. That said there are a few safe spots from combat, such as within the colonies, the outpost in north and your rental.

Keep in mind Mars is a part of a large sim and there is much more RP to be had, such as in the city, cyberspace or earth levels which span all four sims as well. While Mars uses a unique RP system keep in mind that you can get involved in RP on various levels.  Use the Insilico Ning website to help you know whats going on in RP across the Sims. For more information concerning Mars, check our website which contains lore, forums, player manuals and your character sheets.

Rentals are available to all players in the residential Towers in South Martian Colonies, If you want to rent feel free to contact any of the available staff or Cinndreia Messmer for more information.

Lastly when in doubt remember to ask any other Martian Role Player for help or send out your questions in group chat. The only wasted question is the one never asked. Welcome to Mars and we hope you enjoy your stay.

*a note on combat: movement enhancers and flight are off limits, limited fuel flight is ok but you need airborne certification to apply. vehicles are ok so long as they are destructable, if you have a vehicle that is modifiable we have destruction scripts you can place in them. remember the combat zones and dont be surprised if you get a hail of bullets while trying to rp in them. Good luck and see you in RP.